We are trying to port JSch to J2ME platform. The works from this porting project will be licensed under revised BSD license as JSch has been. This project is supported by the grant from Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan.

What is JSch?

JSch is the pure Java SSH2 implementation developed by JCraft under revised BSD license. It has been already widely adopted by several open source projects, including Eclipse, Apache Ant, etc., and several proprietary softwares from huge companies like IBM. For further informations about JSch, please visit at its homepage. The source code, binaries, examples are available there.

Porting JSch to J2ME

From its initial aim for developing JSch, JSch had been intended to run only on J2SE version 1.4. J2SE(Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) is the java runtime platform for the desktop and for developing Web-based Java applications. This means that JSch can not run on small devices like PDA, smart phones, etc., where J2ME(Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) is used. Now, we have believed in that adding ssh2 functionality to J2ME platform must be useful for leveraging the secure communication on such devices. Our porting target platform are followings.

JSch for J2ME CDC

We have completed the porting process for J2ME CDC platform. Every functionality on JSch for J2SE will be available on J2ME CDC platform. As examples, we have confirmed that some program using JSch really works on some J2ME CDC devices. We are using BouncyCastle Crypto API.

Source Code


Confirmed Devices

We have confirmed that JSch works on the following devices. If you can run it on other devices or you have troubles on J2ME CDC devices, feel free to write us at jsch-j2me mailing list.



JCraft has developed the pure Java terminal emulator, JCTerm for J2SE platform. As an example, to demonsrate JSch works really on J2ME CDC devices, we have ported JCTerm to J2ME CDC platform.


For long time, we had received requests from JSch users who want to run on J2SE 1.3 or previous environments. But now, thorugh this porting process, we will proudly resond the good answer for them. J2ME CDC environment corresponds to JDK 1.1, so this means that JSch can run J2SE 1.3 or previous. Those older platform are still widely used especially at the enterprise environment, where the platform can not be switched so radically. If you are interested in running JSch on J2SE 1.3 or previous environments, try this porting version.

JSch for J2ME CLDC/MIDP2.0

We have succeeded to run jsch on MIDP2.0 simulator environment(Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit). Password authentication, Public key authentation and Exec, Shell channels are functional now.

Source Code

Confirmed Devices

We have confirmed that JSch for J2ME CLDC/MIDP2.0 works on the following devices. If you can run it on other devices or you have troubles on J2ME CLDC/MIDP2.0 devices, feel free to write us at jsch-j2me mailing list.


We have confirmed that following examples work on J2ME Wireless Toolkit version 2.2. The 'emulator' command included in Wireless Toolkit will allow you to try them on demand.

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